AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science

Digital and Marketing

Project description:

SEO Audit


American Association for the Advancement of Science needed a strategy and planning guide to streamline various sub-domains to support a new site redisgn for their .org domain.

  • Retain traffic for frequently visited landing pages
  • Create a mapping strategy for 301 redirects
  • Provide a solution for archived and sunsetted pages


We designed a customized strategy to help AAAS retain traffic without sacrificing their top ranking landing pages. We've also implemented a mapping solution with 301 redirects to ensure that any pages that needed to be archived or sunsetted had proper linking pathing to prevent the loss of link equity and history.

Results Included

Retention of core traffic to AAAS properties

Increased visibility to the .org domain

Seamless UX to site visitors

Improved user experience and time on site with page navigation

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