Pinnacol Assurance

Digital and Marketing

Project description:


As the leading workers' compensation insurance provider in Colorado, Pinnacol Assurance needed to be front and center for searches nationally for people working or planning on working in Colorado. Goal targets included:

  • Improved rankings Colorad + Workers' compensation terms
  • Increase click-through rates
  • Website architecture plan for a redesign
  • Staff training for SEO best practices


We designed a customized plan to help Pinnacol Assurance optimize their landing pages and overall site. We also provided a training course to help their content producers be empowered with SEO best practices.

Results Included

Ranking for "Colorado workers' insurance"

Improved SEO knowledge for Pinnacol's content producers

Roadmap for web designers and developers to retain traffic with their redesign

Improved user experience and time on site with page navigation

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